Pugs, Hugs and Some Drugs.
Megan is my name.My blog may contain some triggers such as self harm,depression and ed. I am warning you in advance. I'm 19 years old. I'm pansexual. I'm a culinary arts major, hopefully becoming a pastry arts major. I'm just going with the flow of life. Life is complicated, along with me. : Follow me on instagram: ixlovexmusicx605 :] Also follow my twitter Sweater_fiendx3


those tumblr mutuals you rlly want to be friends with but are too cool for you

let me introduce myself


1. the meaning behind my url
2. a picture of me
3. tattoos i have
4. last time i cried and why
5. piercings i have
6. favorite band
7. biggest turn off(s)
8. top 5 (insert subject)
9. tattoos i want
10. biggest turn on(s)
11. age
12. ideas of a perfect date
13. life goal(s)
14. piercings i want
15. relationship status
16. favorite movie
17. a fact about my life
18. phobia
19. middle name
20. anything you want to ask

Pick a number!

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Turn ons:


  • Seeing someone bite their lower lip
  • Having someone bite my lower lip
  • Being pinned against a wall
  • Back scratches 
  • Hickeys
  • Neck kissing
  • Neck biting
  • Putting my hand where you want to be touched
  • Heavy breathing
  • Moaning
  • Seeing your reaction
  • Secretly teasing one another in puplic
  • Booty
  • Boobs